Getting your home ready for spring.


Now that Spring season has finally decided to visit Northeast Ohio we are starting to see warmer days and mild nights. conditioning in their homes yet, it is actually a great time to have your heating and cooling system evaluated and resolve any maintenances before the summer heat kicks in. I know coming out of the brutal winter we just had it seems impossible but eventually we will be in the midst of the summer and we will have our air conditioners running, its best to have them tuned up and as ready for the heat as we are.

There is nothing like having your A/C fail on you on the first 95 degree day and every HVAC specialist is booked for a week until they can get to your home, its always best to be proactive with your home systems. Maintaining and repairing your home systems often saves you money long term, letting your systems run improperly can cause damage to the specific system as well as other sub-systems that rely on them to support or protect it.

A few things that are typically found during spring time A/C inspections.

  • Low or leaking Freon. Freon is what produces the cold air that is piped into your home.
  • Weak or failed components of the heating or cooling system. The heating and cooling system often work hand-in-hand with each other so sometimes a problem with one is a problem with both.
  • Dirty or clogged filters. Often the A/C unit is housed near the foundation and in a tight area causing any dust and debris to get sucked into the filter and can cause the system to fail.

Important spring tips.

As Spring sets in each year homeowners begin to open their windows and close the drawer where their heating bills once overflowed. But while this beautiful weather may save thousands of dollars in cooling costs it is very important to be smart about when to have the windows open and when to be sure they are shut and locked.


On those delightful breezy and warm days that you are spending reading a good book or spending time with the little ones outside your home it is typically safe to have your homes windows open, but it is important to close all the windows if you leave your home unattended, especially those on the lower level to prevent springtime break in’s.  Over the years thieves have caught on to spring weather traditions and noticed many homes have open windows while the occupants are off at work, leaving them the perfect opportunity to silently sneak into your home, don’t let this happen to you and your family.