Radon Gas

Typically when I ask individuals if they have ever heard of radon gas I get the same response, “yeah, I have heard about it, but I don’t know what it is”.

If you are one of the individuals that have heard of radon gas but have not become aware of its deadly impact it has on you and you family, I urge you to research this fact. There are countless articles produced about radon between the internet and blogs, and news articles there is no reason for this matter to overlooked.

What is Radon gas and how does it effects me?

Radon gas enters any structure from the lowest entry point such as your crawl space, basement or slab. It comes in through any crack as soon as it is emitted, its produced from the natural decay or uranium in the earths crust.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Once it enters your home it is based on a handful of different variables on what happens to it then. If you live in a newer home built after the 1990’s it is likely your home is built for efficiency, the home is sealed very tight to maintain low heating and cooling costs. When a contaminant such as radon or CO gas is exposed to your sealed home, if not properly ventilated the gasses have nowhere to go and in turn you and your family breath them in. Radon Gas is characteristically similar to Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas in the fact that you cannot tell when it is present by seeing, tasting, smelling, or hearing it. Quite frankly there is only one way to know you have radon present besides waiting until it has caused fatal health concern, the exception is having your home tested for radon gas.

What if I don’t have my home tested for radon?

Many governing officials do not yet require you to have your home tested for radon, but many governing officials also do not require the use of sterile gloves to be used in restaurants. I prefer not to just trust that the individuals are not sick and that they practice clean hygiene and have washed their hands after they used the restroom, I also do not want to just falsely assume my home is not contaminated with Radon gas. There are many reasons for having your home tested for Radon, but the most significant reason should be the safety of your family. Just like all the other diseases and illnesses you avoid daily, do not become a statistic and don’t become defeated by Radon gas. Each year 22,000 people die from Radon exposure, it ranks as the first leading cause of Environmentally caused cancer, and is the Second leading cause of lung cancer related deaths in the United States next to cigarette smoking. It takes only a small amount of time and at such a small cost, do your family a favor, treat them to something special this week-let them breath easy.