Roofing materials: as your home ages so does your roof, but the roof ages at a greater rate than the rest of your home, the life expectancy of the common asphalt shingles on your home will last about 10-20 years and still maintain their effectiveness. Many findings include an expired shingles as well as poor flashing and seals around edges. Replacing your roof material isn’t an inexpensive project nor is it considered “fun” by many, so this job is often left overdue and can cause water leakage through the weak spots of your roof into your attic and further into your homes structure causing mold and wood rot. Also commonly found is inadequate tar and flashing around hips and valleys in your roof and around protrusions in the roof such as vent pipes and chimneys. Having missing or poorly sealed flashing and tar around these areas where the shingles meet another obstruction can be an east access point for flowing rain water to penetrate your home and cause deterioration of what is below it.