General Home Inspection (GHI)

A home inspection will provide you with invaluable information regarding the house you are selling or looking to purchase. We, as trained professional home inspectors, offer you first-hand knowledge about the house. Our GHI is based off of a 400 point inspection that includes a checklist of the components of your home, a written narrative of the findings within scope of the inspection and clear descriptive digital photographs that attach to each narrative point.

Buyer’s Inspection

A Buyer’s Inspection is a form of GHI for those individuals looking to purchase a house. For this type of inspection the buyer is looking to gain information on a potential purchase. The completion of a professional inspection of your potential dream home is the first and most important investment you will ever make on your home. You will be filled with the expert knowledge of each individual component of the home as well as how each one contributes to the home system, because after all each component effects many others within each system.

Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection again is another form of a GHI, this type of inspection is a great marketing tool for selling your home. Being proactive and requesting a professional inspection prior to listing your home serves the prospective buyers a piece of confidence. This inspection also reassures those individuals that you have nothing to hide when it comes to the home they may make their own. This report also gives you, the current owner the opportunity to make any upgrades or repairs to the home before the home is listed for sale which can provide for a quicker sale and possibly even presents the opportunity to raise the asking price if the changes are significant.

Contractor inspection

A Contractor inspection is an inspection that can vary from a large portion of your home, down to just a small section or a single room of the home that has been recently remodeled. This type of inspection is conducted in a similar manner as a GHI but limits the inspection to the specific points being requested. This inspection can be reassuring when hiring a contractor that you are not familiar with or if you would just like to ensure the project is being completed in the proper manner. Any issues found can be taken back to the contracting company and could be covered by any warranty and guarantee they offer.

1-year building Inspection

A 1-year building inspection is a priceless tool for new home owners. Most all reputable building companies offer a minimum of a 1-year warranty on the homes they have built, this includes everything from the footer to the flue cap. Such warranty has been proven to save new home owners from being stuck with costly repairs of faulty materials or just prevents builders from getting away with unsatisfactory craftsmanship. If we find anything in the new home that does not meet the Silver Standard and that may constitute a safety concern this report will require the builders to make the repairs on each item at no cost to you.

Radon testing

The most effective radon testing is currently done by absorbing the air that pass through your home in a charcoal canister and having it tested at a professional laboratory. This method leaves virtually no room for error and takes only 48 hours. There are other methods for testing radon in your home such as machines that test the air and give a more immediate response. If this method is used and the equipment being utilized is not properly calibrated it can show an inaccurate reading. The limit that the EPA has designated to be the point where radon will cause significant health related issues is 4.0pCi/L, going beyond this limit requires installation of a mitigation system to remove the radon from your home to help ensure you and your family breathe safe.