What’s between the inside of your home at the outside elements?

While there are different barriers that keep you and your family nice and dry within your home, there is one thing that often gets neglected on your home and it can be considered one of the most important home system. Your roof is part of your home that you overlook daily whether it is because its too high and you cannot see it or because you are not informed on what to look for within the roof structure. But on those rainy days the roof is where the majority of the rain lands first, once the rain falls upon the roof you’re counting on it to shed the water down into the gutters and downspouts which are also part of the roof system. Once the rain is transferred into the gutters it is important that the water is sourced down and away from your homes foundation by extensions into the yard or down into other drainage pipes that may send the water into the street. While the water travels down the length of your roof it often passes by penetrations that extend through the roof structure such as chimneys, vent pipes and ventilation pods. Any penetration in the roof is a vulnerable part of the roof, it is extremely important that any part of the roof that has been altered as such needs to be properly sealed off. If flashing or sealing of a penetration is insufficient or has become compromised the roof can easily begin to leak and can be detrimental to the structure of your home.

How does my Roof system relate to other systems within my home?NACHI PHOTO roof life-expectancy

When looking at your house you must learn to use a whole house approach, each system within your home works interdependently with other systems. An uncommonly known fact is that the roof system involves more different types of household systems that any other system within your home. Understanding how systems work together is very important, for example  the roof system involves the Heating and Cooling system, the Plumbing system, the Electrical system, and if substandard the roof can effect most all systems within the home. In short, your home is a large investment of not only a monetary value but in a sense of a time investment as well. Through the years your home changes due to age, weather, and other factors, you must be proactive by maintaining your home to ensure longevity and safety.