How to reduce the pollen and bacteria in your home.

It is important to change the HVAC air filter regularly to ensure proper air flow and reduce stress of the furnace system.

A clean filter in your system provides the proper designed air flow, workload, and it allows for cleaner air circulation throughout the home so that you can breathe easy. Your filter can be in a number of locations on the unit depending on its manufacturing company and its type. On newer units the filter may also be sealed in place by a special tape that provides the system with a complete seal, if this is the case simply remove the tape and replace the filter and then seal the filter with new tape. Filter replacement is a maintenance task that is necessary to ensure the pre-determined lifespan of the HVAC system, often using specific days of certain months can be used to help you remember to take action(i.e. January 1st then on March 1st etc.). Some Homes are also equipped with an air humidity control system (aprilaire) which can require maintenance as well including filter cleaning or replacement.

There are many things that play a part in the scheduling of filter replacement and that’s why looking at the filter can be the easiest initial test of how often your home needs it changes. Variables that influence the time frame or replacement intervals include- number of pets, nearby construction, high pollutants in the area, and the volume of occupancy in the home. If you are living in the home regularly and have one pet it’s recommended that the filter is changed every 60-90 days days, with two or more pets filter replacement every 30 days may be necessary. If ever the filter show excess dirt and debris it should be replaced even if its before the 30-90 day cycle, the filter should not be used longer than it is intended. Remember regular maintenance reduces regular replacement-keep up with these small maintenance areas to avoid costly repairs or replacement of your HVAC system later.


Clean HVAC filter