First Time Home Buyers Maintenance Procedures and Tips

Regular Maintenance Prevents Regular Replacement

This year you and your family can enjoy Fun in the sun on your vacations while resting assured that you will not come home to a wet disaster from a leaky plumbing line. Simply turning off the main water supply anytime you leave for any extended period of time (i.e. vacation, weekend trip away) will prevent any water that would be flowing through the lines from leaking into your home should a break in the line occur. Murphy’s law proves that your hot water tank or maybe the water line in your upstairs bathroom will finally decide it’s time to leak the moment you plan to take a trip away and no one is home to notice the disaster. If a water leak takes place when no one is home and it continues for days it can cause substantial damage to the home and most insurance coverage’s do not include water or flood damage it is an optional extension of the insurance. Simply turn off the main water supply and this nightmare can be put to rest.

An additional tip on the above:

If your home is equipped with the older multi turn shut off gate valves note that these tend to leak over time from the extended travel it must make from open to the closed position. There may be no signs of leaking at the inspection but it may have been in the “open” position for a long period of time and can potentially begin to leak in as little as the first time you turn it off. Recommend a reputable licensed plumber install a ¼ turn ball valve to increase the life and ease of use for the shut off valve.)

Gate Valve Vs. Ball Valve

Gate Valve Vs. Ball Valve